Sean Palfrey - White Horse Canyon Photographs
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Shores are sources of great richness and reflection.

Here, sandpipers run
along the edges of the waves.

Gulls rest on old pilings.

People daydream.

The Big Sur coast can be very dramatic

Yet the hardy survive.

In some places
the sun
has a hard time

its cool light reflects an eerie green off glacial water.

Here, a gull glides back and forth over the wake of a large ship.

The wind can do
strange things to the trees,

but they still give
good shade when
the sun burns through.


The sea
spreads fog
over the land, too,

and mists up
the windows.


Men have built many castles
to control the shores,
this one on the west coast of Scotland.

Sometimes the water
simply swallows
everything up.


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