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Patagonia is a wild
      and beautiful place.
            Wind blows all day long,

whales sing along the shore,
      sharing the water with quiet
             baby seals and howling grown ones.

Penguins look sedate and sweet on land, but cut through the water like little rockets.

Gauchos drive sheep in the wind, which is not always as easy at it looks.

At the base of the Andes
      lies Lago Argentina where
            the Moreno Glacier

"calves" icebergs
into the lake.

If you follow the Andes even furthur South,
      you reach Tierra de Fuego,
            the land of fire
                    and ice.

There Ushuia
      faces the Beagle

Trees have
a rough life,
leaving stumps
with haunting

Cormorants and seals seem more at home than horses.

The lighthouse
at the end of the world
watches ships
in icy silence.

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